Happy employees leads to happy customers, which leads to more profit

To do the best work, you need the best people.

Our Employees & Clients

Not an entity; but an extended family.

Taramsys is not an entity, but a family that represents happy employees & happy clients which leads to success. We believe in converting dreams into reality with standardised process and great outcome. Taramsys was founded by Selwyn Abraham and we as a team do everything in our power to keep our employees & client happy. .

Our Team

Trust & Transparency is our most important brand asset

At Taramsys, our relationships go far beyond professional corporate association and extends as a family where each one is there for the other. A flat hierarchy has helped us to build trust and enable transparency among stake holders.

We look out for the interests of people and enjoy seeing each member here as a leader irrespective of anything. Our belief system is different.

"For individuals, character is destiny. For organizations, culture is destiny"

Consider it done

How we do, what we do!

We believe success depends on our ability to adapt ourselves to the client's requirement & maintaining a cordial client relationship. Through honest and frank conversations with clients the company is able to build stronger relationships, and work to its full potential – this translate to a better end product and happier customers. Depending on specific requirements, our experts will take clients through each phase providing sound advice on technology and application design options.


We always strive to achieve exceptional Quality & Timely delivery

As our name 'taram' means 'Quality,' we aim to deliver our products and services with higher standards of quality using proven methodologies and processess. Each project at Taramsys is under the supervision of a dedicated quality assurance team that monitors all project activities and results during every development phase and during final delivery. Each member of Taramsys is tagged with #Quality

What do they say?

Trust our clients


    Dear Selwyn,

    I wanted to write and thank you for all your teamwork and support which has been amazing.

    I mistakenly thought that outsourcing to India was only for big players and corporates.

    Your skilled team is reliable, punctual, hard-working, and over-deliver which means I can focus on growing my business.

    Keep up the great work.
    Neil Murphy
    EatinPartners, UK
  • When Selwyn talks about getting "FAST RESULTS WITH OUTSOURCING" ...People should listen

    Having carefully considered and practically researched the planet for a reliable OUTSOURCING partner ...I was really impressed with Selwyn's advice and how he understood exactly what we required.

    Of all the outsourcing experts, I would suggest you definitely pay attention to Selwyn Abraham at Taramsys because his teams work and support have proven to be invaluable to us.

    Adam 'Digital Chief' Phillips
    Digi Retention, UK
  • Boost to our Product Development

    Taramsys outsourcing was a great turning point in our product development. As we have to deal with customer issues, our in-house team could not concentrate on the roadmap items. Also, it was a challenge to get some special area help such as creating wireframes, special CSS creation, etc.

    Taramsys provided a team comprised of front & back-end developers, screen designers, CC developers, business analysts, and software testers for our new and current product developments. With a great team, we can complete planned sprint backlogs every two weeks.

    On top of the development, the team contributes to business analysis, writing specifications and user manuals during the sprints. This helped the project goes smoothly.

    Mohan Mohendran (B.Sc.Eng, PMP)
    Director - Technology & Development, Portable Intelligence Inc., Canada