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We work hard at Building Trust, Overcoming Skepticism, delivering Value and Quality Work as your chosen software developer.

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We work hard at Building Trust, Overcoming Skepticism, delivering Value and Quality Work as your chosen software developer.




Every project is unique, but our job is always the same, which is to turn your needs & goals and learn more about the people who will use the developed software.



Purpose: Our solutions are architected to meet current user needs and capable of scaling. Our designs put all possible assumptions to rest.



Our skilled and experienced team deliver state-of-the-art solution based on agile development methodologies on time with a clear plan.



Peace of mind: Our flexible, extended support will ensure that your software system is available, stable and secure. Bug fixes are generally instant.


Understanding your project at a cellular level.

Every project is unique, but our job is always to turn your dream and vision into 11111s and 00000s, that ultimately become the overall software of your project. To meet your exact, demanding expectations and deliver as a software company, what you really require, means that we have to dig deep into DNA of projects; your end users, business requirements and overall objectives.

Jointly exploring objectives.

Over a period of many years, our team has developed methodologies for drilling down on, in a conversational manner, to get to the bottom of what is really required, before a single line of code is written. These two-way discussions and brainstorming sessions are invaluable. Frequently, there will be follow up, brief questionnaires and further meetings to ensure that both sides are on the same page and everyone is assimilating the project at an unconscious level.

Prioritizing and planning.

From all the possible scenarios, enhancements, and features, when everything is on the table and clearly understood, this is now time to agree on the scope and scale of your project. Based on our detailed discussions, our business analysts and technical leads will help you to identify areas that will matter the most to your customers, your business and overall project. A detailed roadmap is documented and agreed upon and your project gets underway. As a custom software development company, this is what we excel in.

User Experience & Aesthetic Design

Key element of modern software.

It’s always about exceptional user experience and brilliant design. Creative design and exceptional user journey coupled with functionality play a vital role in user acceptance of the software. If picture is worth a thousand words, your prototype will be worth a million words.

Preview what is to come.

Creating a prototype before starting the actual development saves time and money. We turn your vision, design and ideas into working systems that you can interact with and get a preview of what is about to come. This gives you ample opportunity to make changes or improvements to design or functionality and be wholly confident of the end result, both from a business and customer standpoint. Our mobile app development services would usually deliver prototypes in iPhone and Android platforms.

You’ll be excited to know.

Custom software development is a highly intellectual pursuit and you’ll be pleased to hear that we employ some of the brightest programmers in India, the vast majority of which are University educated. On the design side, we employ a highly creative design team that regularly surpass anything that is created elsewhere in the world. India’s highly creative thinking is based on a visual culture, dating back some 6,000 years.

Develop & Test

End-to-end planning.

Now, more than ever, websites and business applications need to be optimized for mobile devices and this is taken into account as we detail out every discipline of your project including timeframe, defined stages, and designated resources and milestones. We set measurable objectives, identify deliverables and plan detailed scheduling.

Functional & technical experts.

Your software system will benefit from many years of experience gained in developing and delivering complex software applications. Taramsys's team of software app developers ensures your application is reliable; scalable, secure and lightning-fast.

Unrelenting attention to detail and quality.

Our internal rule is to keep at the forefront of technology, deliver quality products that provide an exceptional user experience. Every stage is monitored meticulously to meet high industry standards. Our robust manual and automated testing help us to deliver a bug-free user experience every time. Optional outside testing is also available.

Unprecedent Support

System Stability.

Applications we deliver are architected to respond and scale up to meet higher usage demands. We perform extremely robust and comprehensive stability testing to check the efficiency of a developed product beyond normal operational capacity, often to a breakpoint.

We go the extra mile – and beyond.

Our success is when our customers use the developed product effectively with minimal disturbance after deployment. Trust on us as your partner who will walk side-by-side with you to address any unforeseen issues that may arise after deployment. We will be available, willing and actively working, until total satisfaction is achieved.

Your success is our success.

We foster transparent and collaborative partnerships. Taramsys has the skills, experience, wide range of domain expertise to deliver state-of-the-art applications that help you to achieve your business goals. In a nutshell; A CUSTOM SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT PARTNER THAT YOU CAN RELY UPON AND TRUST.

What you can expect when we talk

We listen very carefully and then we will give you valuable insights, advice, provide accurate information and quotations, FREE with NO OBLIGATION.


In business, every project is unique and we want to take time and understand exactly what you want to achieve, before giving our suggestions. We like to hear about your vision, business, target customers, current software, future requirement and your goals and objectives.


Our wide range of software services includes design, development, management and support. We want to ensure there’s a perfect sync between your needs and desires and our skills, experience, and the resources we can offer.


If you think Taramsys is a good fit to develop your software development, we’ll happily further activities, organize a Zoom or Teams discovery workshop and let your key people touch base with our specialists, to plan and get things moving at pace.

What Our Customers Say!

"If you do build a great experience, customers talk about that. Word of mouth is very powerful."

Why I chose Taramsys to develop my ‘Quollify’ business matching app and be my development partner in India? They have communication skills second to none, they work the same hours as UK, they are quick, efficient, reliable, honest and far cheaper than anything I have discovered in the UK - by far. Not only that, they develop a beautifully engineered product.

Ron G Holland, Top Biz Guru, bestselling author and UKs number one millionaire maker. (London, UK 2022)



Taramsys outsourcing was a great turning point in our product development. As we have to deal with customer issues, our in-house team could not concentrate on the roadmap items. Also, it was a challenge to get some special area help such as creating wireframes, special CSS creation, etc. Taramsys provided a team comprised of front & back-end developers, screen designers, BC developers, business analysts, and software testers for our new and current product developments. With a great team, we can complete planned sprint backlogs every two weeks. On top of the development, the team contributes to business analysis, writing specifications and user manuals during the sprints. This helped the project goes smoothly.

Mohan Mohendran
Director of IT, Portable Intelligence, Canada

When Selwyn talks about getting "FAST RESULTS WITH OUTSOURCING"... People should listen.

Having carefully considered and practically researched the planet for a reliable OUTSOURCING partner... I was really impressed with Selwyn's` advice and how he understood exactly what we required. Of all the outsourcing experts, I would suggest you definitely pay attention to Selwyn Abraham at Taramsys because his teams work and support have proven to be invaluable to us.

Adam Phillips
Digital Chief, Digiretention, UK
Neil Murphy


Dear Selwyn, I wanted to write and thank you for all your teamwork and support which has been amazing. I mistakenly thought that outsourcing to India was only for big players and corporates. Your skilled team are reliable, punctual, hard-working and over-deliver which means I can focus on growing my business.

Neil Murphy
Director - Eatinpartners, UK

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Our highly skilled team develops effective and scalable software infrastructure across a wide spectrum of technology platforms. Our extensive experience working with clients globally make us your ideal nearshore white label software development partner.

Talk to our experts and share your vision for an experience that is result oriented and personalized.

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